Creative Facebook Cover Photos

A coordinating Facebook cover photo and profile picture looks expert and interesting. Look at the Ford one here-- see the big image ends up being the background behind the smaller sized logo photo? Cute! Creative Facebook Cover Photos.

You can do a lot of things with it such as making your Facebook followers laugh or simply to make your profile appearance professional. But how do you line up the 2 images and make it work? Continue reading.

Creative Facebook Cover Photos

1. Screenshot your Facebook profile page: The first step is to take a screenshot of your profile page for size referral. Paste this screenshot into PowerPoint or a comparable program where you can CROP the screenshot. We'll be utilizing our customer, Rowperfect, as an example:

2. Crop your selected image into two images: now that you have your profile screenshot and have pasted it into PowerPoint you can start cropping your preferred image. Comprehensive directions follow this image ... follow steps 1-4 frame by frame listed below.

FRAME 1: mark your cover image and your profile photo. The blue rectangle we've developed represents the cover picture size location and the red square represents the profile photo. Remember to paste the screenshot precisely as it is and do not re-size it, although it is bigger than the PowerPoint work location.

FRAME 2: import the image you desire as your combined profile photo and cover photo. Then re-size it so it is as huge as the blue and red rectangle combined. Line it up as you want.

FRAME 3: duplicate your now re-sized imported image, place it in the same location as its initial and crop your imported image and its replicate to be the size of the blue rectangle and red square respectively.

FRAME 4: now you have your two images, save the big one as COVER IMAGE and the smaller square one as PROFILE PICTURE.

3. Place them on your Facebook profile page: now you have your two images you can place the PROFILE PHOTO image on your Facebook profile picture and utilize the COVER PICTURE image as your Facebook profile cover. If all is done correctly your Facebook profile cover photo and profile photo will now line up together and look flash, similar to the Rowperfect Facebook page!

Be innovative: more interesting concepts

Here are a few ideas we discovered that might stimulate some inspiration for you ... speech bubbles, a cartoon bird house, multiple images overlaid or a camera icon. Be creative.

If that's all we can tell about Creative Facebook Cover Photos I hope this article was helpful thank you.