Download Facebook Videos Online

I get asked this question a lot ... how do I download my Facebook Live video? Fantastic concern, honestly! The reason that many want to download the video from Facebook is so they can re-purpose that video in other ways and on other platforms Download Facebook Videos Online. For some factor, Facebook does not make it very simple to figure out ways to download so I am pertaining to the rescue with a step by step system and after that a tool that does it for you!

Download Facebook Videos Online

Action 1 :  Find the video in your profile or page feed
As soon as you have found the video, you will wish to click on the time stamp and the video will turn up.

When you click the time stamp, the video will pop up and you will see it along with the remarks to the right of the video.

Action 2 : Click the three little dots in the upper right-hand man corner
You will want to best click the video and click on the "Show video URL".

Action 3 : Click on the Download Video Alternative
Click the download video alternative and the alternative to save the video will appear on your computer.

Action 4 : Select the area to save the Facebook Live video
Choose where to save it on your computer system and hit save. VIOLA!

ALL RIGHT, that seemed like a great deal of work, right? Exactly what if there was a little tool that would do this for you quickly and easily?! Interested?

The best ways to utilize to Download Facebook Live Videos is a nifty little site that allows you to download your Facebook Live videos by merely appearing the link to the video. Pretty slick, right? They even have a Google Chrome extension if you wish to get expensive and constantly have the tool handy.

That stated you do need to have the video link which needs you to follow actions 1-3 above. Once you have the link copied you merely pop it into the "insert link" at the top of the Savefrom website and they will produce a download link for you. Super easy!!

Now you are all set! You can decide to utilize the Facebook platform to download your video or you can use! In either case, you have alternatives that work! So what do you believe? Which one seems the simplest to you as a way to download a Facebook live video? Drop me a remark listed below.

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