Facebook Change Password

Just like other sites, when you register a account to become a Facebook user you require a password for your account. While, you may need to change your old password to a brand-new one for different reasons. For instance, you simply want a more powerful and smarter password, or you accidently forgot or lost your login password and cannot access to your account. So it is essential to know "Facebook Change Password".


Facebook Change Password

Change password when your Facebook account is till available

1. Change password when your Facebook account is till readily available
When your Facebook account is still readily available and you have actually visited then you can easily change your old password to a new one.

Action 1: Click on the little triangle icon on the navigation bar to open a pull-down list. Then click on Settings.

Action 2: It lists some standard details about your account settings in the table cell. Click the table cell where the Password in.

Action 3: Type your present password. Then type a new password and re-type it to verify. Click on Save Modifications button.

For your account's security select "Log me out of other devices" then click on Submit button.

Now your Facebook login password has actually been changed effectively. Click Close button to complete.

2. Change Facebook password when you have forgotten it

If you have forgotten your Facebook password then you need to reset it with your resgistered mail on Facebook login page.

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