Facebook Hide Birthday

Today we are going to teach you Facebook Hide Birthday. You could have several needs to do it, such as preventing individuals from understanding your exact age or preventing Facebook from alerting your buddies of your birthday.

Facebook Hide Birthday

Some individuals find it bothersome that Facebook informs when their buddies are on Facebook due to the fact that they receive an avalanche of insipid "pleased birthday" messages from people with whom they hardly have an offer. If you are one of them or wish to test the number of of your buddies know your birthday by heart, this is how you can hide both your age and your birthday on Facebook.

Don't want to reveal your Birthday information to your Facebook friends? Do not stress, Facebook allows you to modify this in profile settings. Or you wish to conceal or show your birthday information to some specific people. Or you may just set how your birthday aim to your good friends.

Hide Birthday information:

1. Go to your profile details.

2. Go to "Fundamental information" and select "just me". refer the image listed below

3. Or you might reveal this information to particular individuals or conceal the information from particular people or a list of buddies.-- Select Customized

4. Done!

Hopefully this short article Facebook Hide Birthday has given you further insight into the Facebook.