Find Out who Stalks Your Facebook

Well often times we wonder that who see my profile, whether she is brand-new one - wow!, well there is a technique we see this but their is an issue with this we can only see the individual who are in our pal list, "Find Out Who Stalks Your Facebook".


Find Out Who Stalks Your Facebook

Action 1: first Open your Facebook Profile as i open my one

Action 2: Open your plan by clicking your name and Right click on your time, there is a context menu like this

Action 3: Click the View page source.

Action 4: Now press CTRL+F to open the find Button and in the search option type IntialChatFriendsList and then press get in, orange color is the expression we need.

Action 5: No we see that there are many number like "100001660062516-2", these are our pals ID code as created by the Facebook, we have to pick only first part like "100001660062516" without -2 like i did and after that press CTRL+C to copy it.

Action 6: Now open somebody ID it might be your, and after that choose information after other than

Action 7: In place of picked information paste the information you copy formerly, the number.

Action 8: Now press Enter from the Keyboard. You see the result.

If that's all we can tell about Find Out Who Stalks Your Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.