How to Delete Facebook Page On Mobile

It's not uncommon that you, as a company owner, have a Facebook page that you created in rush and find not suits your company. It might be that you rebranded and the old branding no longer works. It could be that you've merely found no worth in Facebook as a platform. It could be that your company closed and you have no need of the Facebook page any longer, How To Delete Facebook Page On Mobile. In any case, you're highly thinking about deleting your Facebook page. The only concern is; how?

How To Delete Facebook Page On Mobile


Prior to you delete your page, you need to know a couple of things.

  • Clicking the delete button and validating your intent starts the process. You have a 14-day period within which you can visit and cancel the deletion. This is beneficial if your page was hacked-- a hacker cannot delete it-- and if you alter your mind about deleting the page.

  • The unique URL and username utilized for the page will be locked. If your organisation page is, and you later re-open your company, you will not have the ability to register once again.

  • Service pages need a personal profile registered. You can not erase your individual profile and still keep your company pages.

  • Just the real page Admin account can delete a page. Any account with lesser privileges can not initiate an erase.

If, after checking out those cautions, you still wish to erase your page permanently, here's how.

How to Erase Completely

From any page on Facebook, planning to the upper right corner of the page and observe the drop-down arrow next to the house button. Click that button and go to the page you wish to erase.

On the page you desire to delete, click the settings alternative and click Remove Page This will raise a confirmation and warning discussion box. Read the warning and choose the page you want to erase. Click delete, and another discussion will appear with additional warnings. Click validate once again and your page will be scheduled for removal. After 2 Week, your page will be permanently erased.

Removal Option: Unpublish the Page.

If the warnings and the irreversible nature of removal caution you off, good news! There's a feasible option to deletion developed right into Facebook. It's called unpublishing, and it's similar to a momentary deletion.

When you have a company page, it exists in the released state. This suggests it's visible to the public, or the public that likes the page, in any case. Sometimes, nevertheless, you wish to conceal the page briefly. Deletion would be a dramatic action when it comes to a reorganization, hacking cleanup or spam removal procedure, for example.

If you believe there is even a little opportunity of your page coming back, you ought to probably unpublish it rather than erase it. Unpublished pages are efficiently undetectable until you publish them once again. Even the individuals who have the URL or who followed it in the past will be unable to gain access to it; just the page admin can.

To unpublish your page, go to the page itself and click the settings alternative. From there, locate and click the page presence alternative. There will be a checkbox labeled "unpublish page." Click it and save your changes. That's all it takes.

As soon as you have completed whatever rebranding, reorganization or maintenance you wished to carry out, you can follow the exact same actions and publish the page again. You will not lose any fans or wall content unless you eliminate it yourself.

Deletion Option: Analytics and Content Marketing

If you're erasing your Facebook page due to the fact that it's not offering you the roi you had hoped, take a moment to consider if you're doing whatever right.

  • Did you buy artificial followers? If so, naturally you will not earn conversions from them; they're simply robotics.

  • Are you targeting the demographics of the people who you know transform? You can find out through Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

  • Are you using users something of worth? If all you're doing is promoting yourself, users won't want to interact with your page.

  • Are you engaging your followers? Holding a discussion is better than publishing a product statement.

  • Are you utilizing Facebook retargeting? It's a great way to catch the people interested enough to visit your website and target them with advertisements on their Facebook profiles.

Before you make a long-term decision to erase Facebook and remove it from your organisation strategy, consider if you can fine-tune the method you use it to bring value to your organisation.

Removal Option: Rebrand by Compromising Likes

Do you have a small core following and a large number of users who do not communicate with or care about your brand in any method? Are you thinking about deleting your Facebook page particularly so you can launch a brand-new one? You may have another option.

In the past, it was possible to change your page name at any time, so long as you had under 100 fans. That number has because been bumped up to 200.

If you have under 200 fans, you can alter the name of your page by going into the settings menu and clicking page information. Because menu will be a name box, which you can edit to rebrand your page. Regrettably, if you have over 200 fans, this doesn't work.

When you have more than 200 fans, you have two options. You can send a name change request to Facebook straight, through the very same process as above. Facebook will evaluate and accept or reject your request. However, you can only change your page name once; if you have actually rebranded in the past, or you're working on a page you purchased and changed the name of to begin with, you will not have the ability to change it again.

You may have the ability to purge valueless fans up until you reach the sub-200 level and see if the name modification choice appears. This is a little bit of a scorched earth approach of rebranding, but it could possibly conserve you some time you would otherwise invest telling those vital 200 fans where your new page is.

Deletion Alternative: Merge Pages
If you're deleting a page since you have another page for the service already, think about combining the two pages. Combining pages takes one page and combines the fan list with your target page. It's a great way to conserve any genuine fans who happened to follow the incorrect page.

You can just merge pages if you are the admin for both and they have comparable names. Basically, they must be for the exact same company. You submit a merger request to Facebook through the settings-- merge duplicate pages menu. The eliminated page loses all posts, pictures and its username, however keeps fans and check-ins.

If you are not admin of the replicate page, you can report it and inform Facebook you're reporting it due to the fact that it's a page for your business that you don't control. Facebook might evaluate your claim and grant you access to the page.

You do not constantly require to delete your page to fix an issue; there are normally much better ways to tackle it. Consider why you're deleting your page and see if there's a viable alternative.

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