How to Link My Facebook and Twitter

With the growing popularity of both Facebook and twitter, one might obviously see a have to connect them together, How To Link My Facebook And Twitter. Whether you primarily utilize Twitter or Facebook, this tutorial will show you step by action, how to upgrade your Facebook status by publishing to your Twitter account.

So, how can you upgrade your Facebook status with a text message? Well, Twitter offers this fantastic functionality that enables you to publish a "Tweet" by means of text message. If you integrate this with the Twitter app that Facebook uses, you can now upgrade your Facebook and Twitter status concurrently with one text (no internet needed).

How To Link My Facebook And Twitter

Link Facebook Page to Twitter

  • Go to this URL.

Link my Profile to Twitter-- you can utilize this option to link your FB profile to the Twitter account.

Connect a Page to Twitter-- you can use this choice to connect FB page to the Twitter account.

  • Click on "Link a page to Twitter" link.

  • Click "Connect to Twitter button" next to the Facebook page.

  • Click "Authorize app" button.

  • That's it. All done.

Your Facebook page is now connected to Twitter.

Click "Edit Settings" link beneath the Facebook page to choose and deselect the updates you wish to share and then click "Conserve Changes" button.

Detach Facebook Page and Twitter

  • Go to t hi s URL.

  • Click on "Unlink from Twitter" below the Facebook page.

Link Facebook Profile to Twitter

  • Go to this URL.

  • Click "Connect my Profile to Twitter" choice.

  • Click "Authorize app" button.

  • That's it. Your Facebook profile is now linked to Twitter. Select and deselect the updates you wish to share then click on "Conserve Modifications" button.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the FB Update with just "Public" personal privacy settings will be published to the Twitter.

Disconnect Facebook Profile and Twitter.

Action 1.

  • Click the inverted triangle at the top of the Facebook.

  • Select Settings.

  • Browse to "Public Posts" section and find Twitter choice.

  • Click on "Edit" link beside Twitter option.

  • Click "Unlink Profile from Twitter" button.

Action 2.

  • Go to this URL.

  • Click "Unlink from Twitter" link below the Facebook profile.

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