How to Make Facebook Friends Private

Some Facebook users don't care if others can see the individuals on their Buddies list, however numerous of the social media network's users take Facebook security and personal privacy seriously. They choose complete control over the info the site shares. Due to the fact that of this, Facebook offers simple-to-use directions for concealing your entire Buddies list or simply part of it, How To Make Facebook Friends Private.

There's no point in looking in Facebook's Personal privacy Settings to hide your Buddies list-- you won't find it there.

Rather, the settings are stashed on the screen that displays all your buddies. After you locate it, select among several choices to control which of your buddies, if any, can be seen by others on your Facebook page. Limitation visibility just to your buddies, only to yourself, or to among lots of other personalized list choices Facebook uses.

In this tutorial, you will know how to make pal list private on your Facebook account. Follow these actions:

Make buddy list private, so that no one including your friends on your Facebook account can see your pal list.

How To Make Facebook Friends Private

Action 1: From the main Facebook page, you require to go to your Timeline. You do this by clicking your own name in the upper left hand corner, next to your avatar photo.

Action 2: Once on your Timeline, you require to click the Friends link which lies listed below a photo with a few of your pals' avatars. This lies right listed below your banner image.

Action 3: As soon as you get to your Friends List page, in the upper right-hand man corner you will see an Edit button. Click on Edit.

Action 4: Make certain that the "Only Me" alternative is has a check mark beside it in the drop down menu underneat the "Who can see your friend list?" line.

Ok a few things, you definitely can not hide your profile photo or your cover photo. You can delete all the old ones from the profile album and the cover album, so that the public can just see the one. As well as set that a person profile photo you have actually left to Friends Only so that public can not make it bigger if they click it. In any case, the finest thing to do if you really wish to be as private as possible is to not have images of you or your family as a cover or profile image. Just select something random.

When it comes to the other image albums, you can enjoy this video and he reveals you how to make them private:.

Also you can retroactively return and make all your old posts on your timeline "Buddies Only" by following these steps.

Action 1: Click on the little wheel link in the upper right-hand man corner of your screen.

Action 2: Click on Privacy Settings.

Action 3: Click "Limit Past Posts".

Action 4: Click "Limitation Old Posts" then confirm.

And always remember to utilize the practical options under the padlock icon in the upper right and corner too to assist lock down as much as you can.

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