How to Make Your Photos Private On Facebook

How To Make Your Photos Private On Facebook, As you might have not observed, each time you modify your profile photo (or cover photo) on Facebook, it becomes quickly public. However, there may be some scenarios that you might not desire people to see your profile image due to individual privacy factors. So in this post, we are going to reveal you ways to quickly make your profile picture private again.

How To Make Your Photos Private On Facebook

Individual privacy is vital, that is why we need to ensure our things do not go into the incorrect hands. Here are the actions on the finest ways to make your FB profile image personal:.

1a. At first, go to your Facebook profile.

2. Next, click your profile picture. If you are looking for an old profile photo, search with the arrow tricks (left or right), or go directly to Photos > Profile Pictures and click the profile image you prefer.

3. Click the Edit button on the right side.

4. Click the drop-down button that states "Public" below the date alternatives and choose "Just Me" if you do not wish to reveal it to anyone, or whichever audience you choose (Buddies, Close Pals, your custom-made groups, and so on).

5. Click "Done Editing" once you are done.

With this option, Facebook will disappoint your profile image in complete to those who can not access it, however it will still appear as a small image on your profile. This is generally just to prevent people for commenting or sharing your profile image.
Benefit Of Making Your Facebook Profile Image Private.

As we all know, individual privacy is an incredibly essential thing, specifically in the period today where every bit of details is already on the Web and people are automatically letting them out, no matter how individual they are anticipated to be. When you keep your Facebook profile photo private, there is a less possibility that you will be bugged.

Your picture will also be safe from evildoers who make use of random images of people for dating sites and pornography. Also, if you are a photographer and made use of among your shots as a profile picture, keeping it personal will reduce the possibility of individuals taking it as their own.


Concealing your full-size Facebook profile image from the public is a great thing to keep your individual privacy up. How To Make My Photos Private On Facebook Share this with your household and friends so that they will comprehend the value of keeping images private. And one more thing please don’t forget to share this awesome trick to use the How To Make Your Photos Private On Facebook with your friends.