How to Post An Animated Gif On Facebook

How To Post An Animated Gif On Facebook - Animated GIFs have long been a staple of the internet, and now Facebook enables users to post GIFs to their News Feeds. Here's the best ways to post GIFs on Facebook.

Facebook just recently announced that it will start supporting the.GIF image format on its website, which implies that Facebook users can now finally post GIFs to their Timeline and have them show up in the News Feed.

How To Post An Animated Gif On Facebook

It looks like a rather late addition to Facebook's feature list, however the social network does not avoid presenting brand-new features method later than expected, with the Facebook Messenger app for iPad being one good example.

In any case, if you're thrilled about publishing GIFs on Facebook, here's ways to do it, along with some pointers that you'll wish to remember about GIF support on Facebook.

So, the best ways to publish the animated GIFs on Facebook right now?
It's basic, just copy the image URL of the GIF from sites like Imgur, 9GAG, Giffy, GifCloud or anywhere else and paste it as your status and there it goes.

For instance, ideal click in the above GIF and click "Copy Image Place" or "Copy Image URL", and paste the URL as your status.

You can delete the image URL when Facebook grabs the image then post.

In current months, it's been extremely clear that websites and apps that support GIFs are getting appeal, and entry of Facebook into this GIF field means it's not going to lose its users to GIF supporting apps like Imgur and 9GAG.

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