Saved Videos On Facebook

A significant part of the Facebook experience is viewing videos in your feed, some prerecorded and others streamed in real-time through Facebook Live, "Saved Videos On Facebook". By following the steps listed below you can save Facebook videos to your hard disk drive, smartphone or tablet and see them offline whenever you wish.

Saved Videos On Facebook

Save Videos From Facebook Utilizing Desktop or Laptop

If a video appears in your Facebook timeline after being posted by a pal, member of the family, business or other entity you can download it as an MP4 file and shop it in your area for future use. In order to do so you need to first trick Facebook into believing that you're viewing the social networks website on a mobile phone, a non-traditional however essential workaround. The following steps will work for most of FB videos, consisting of those initially tape-recorded by means of Facebook Live, in the majority of significant web internet browsers.

1. After browsing to the video that you wish to download, right-click anywhere within the gamer.

2. A pop-up menu must appear, overlaying the video gamer and providing a couple of options. Select the one identified Program video URL.

3. Another pop-up will show consisting of the direct address, or URL, for the respective video. Click on this URL to highlight it and copy it to the clipboard. This can be done by right-clicking and picking the Copy option or by utilizing the keyboard faster way particular to your os; such as CTRL+C on Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux or COMMAND+C on macOS.

4. Paste the URL into your browser's address bar, replacing any text currently residing there, by right-clicking in the edit field and choosing the Paste alternative from the sub-menu that appears. You can likewise utilize the following keyboard shortcuts to paste the new URL: CTRL+V on Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux or COMMAND+V on macOS.

5. Now that the address bar is occupied with the brand-new URL, you'll have to customize it a little by changing www with m. The front part of the URL ought to now read instead of Strike the Go into or Return key to pack this new address.

6. The video must now be displayed in a mobile-optimized page. Click on the play button.

7. Internet Explorer only: A pop-up dialog must appear at the bottom of your internet browser window. Click on the Save button to download the video file to your default location.

8. With the video playing, right-click anywhere within the player again. A new context menu will now appear, offering various options than those given in action 2. Select the one labeled Conserve video as.

9. Select the preferred place where you 'd like to save the video file and click on the Save or Open button, which differs based on operating system. The total video file will now be stored on your hard disk in MP4 format.

Conserve Videos That You Published on Facebook

You can likewise download videos that you yourself posted to Facebook. This can can be found in handy if you unintentionally erased or lost the original video file.

1. Hover the mouse cursor over the More link, located in the header on your primary Facebook profile page in the very same row as the Friends and Photos options. When the drop-down menu appears, click on Videos.

2. Located in the Videos module need to be an area identified Your Videos, containing each one that you have actually uploaded to Facebook in the past. Place your mouse cursor over the video that you want to save in your area.

3. A small icon that appears like a pencil needs to appear in the upper right-hand corner of the video's thumbnail image. When clicked upon, a drop-down menu will be shown. Pick either Download SD or Download HD from this menu to retreive the video as an MP4, with the choice chosen determining whether the file will be in standard-definition or high-definition (if offered) resolution.

Save Videos From Facebook on Android or iOS Gadgets

Conserving videos from Facebook is possible on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets as well. The steps to retrieve these files are much different than on a computer, nevertheless.

Friendly for Facebook, available for complimentary in the App Store and Google Play, includes a bunch of new features to the FB experience-- one being the ability to save videos to your phone or tablet.


After finding the video that you want to conserve to your Android gadget, tap on its play button. As the video begins to play, a button identified Download will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Select this button to save the video to your Android multimedia gallery. You'll be prompted to grant Friendly access to your images, media and files, an essential action if you wish to complete the download.

iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch).

Friendly locations a custom button to the right of Share whenever a Facebook post includes a video. This button, represented by a cloud with a down arrow in the foreground, presents a menu with several choices when tapped.

To save the video as a local file on your device, select Download Video to Electronic Camera Roll. You'll have to approve Friendly access to your photo library to finish the download procedure.

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