Upload Video to Facebook

Upload Video To Facebook, When you upload a video to Facebook, they give you several choices for scheduling it, people to tag, places to select, and more. Here's the best ways to utilize each choice when you publish your videos to Facebook.

Upload Video To Facebook

Action 1. Start with a video you already have on your computer system, or make a new one. If you opt to make a brand-new one, you'll require a digital camera or a digital electronic camera that can record video. Make sure that whatever video you're publishing, it's at least slightly amusing - your kid making a goal, waterskiing with buddies at the lake, or maybe your intoxicated boss at the office Christmas celebration. Whatever it is, ensure it's something people will wish to enjoy

Action 2. Download Windows Movie Maker for complimentary. If you have Vista, go to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=d6ba5972-328e-4df7-8f9d-068fc0f80cfc&displaylang=en. There is also an XP version.

Import your video into Film Maker. The program makes it very easy. Utilizing the job menu on the left, pick what you want to import - at this point, if you have actually already uploaded the video to your computer system, pick "Video." If the video is still on your video camera, make sure your camera is linked to your PC and choose "From digital camera. " As soon as you see the file, simply drag and drop to the "Timeline" at the bottom of the page (in the row specified for video.).

Action 3. It is very important to keep your video short, under 3 minutes. Facebook has limits on uploading, and longer videos will lose your audience anyhow, so less is more. Use Motion Picture Maker to "Cut" the beginning or end of your video. You can also eliminate middle portions by utilizing the "Split" command. Both are under the "Clip" take down menu. Split the video into sections, then erase segments you don't want using the routine erase key.

Action 4. It's time to add music. If the original audio is required (your pals REQUIRED to hear your drunk manager!), skip this part. However, if you wish to offer your video a cool video feel, you can edit in music in Film Maker. Again, you will Import, but this time choose "Audio or music." The majority of audio files will operate in Movie Maker.

Once imported, drag and drop into the row for audio in the timeline at the bottom of the page (into the row listed below your video). You might discover a certain portion of the tune works most effectively, and if that's the case, you can modify the audio file the very same method you edited your video file (split and delete). Finding just the right segment of music can be incredibly time consuming, depending upon how careful you are. Play the video in the box in the leading righthand corner to review your work.

Action 5. As soon as you have the audio and video the way you like it, you have to look again to the job menu left wing and under "Publish to", pick "This computer." It will ask you if you want to compress the file. This is really just required if you plan on emailing it to someone. You do not require to do it for Facebook.

Action 6. Indication on to Facebook and go the Profile page. Click "Upload video." For the majority of people, it's on the top of the page.

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