Www Cover Photos for Facebook

The initial thing that visitors see on your service's Facebook page is its cover picture "Www Cover Photos For Facebook". Your cover picture is the large, 851px by 315px image at the very leading of your Facebook page. Due to its size and prominence, your cover image is an excellent place for announcements, promotions and extremely cool styles that integrate your brand name-- the imaginative possibilities are limitless!

Www Cover Photos For Facebook

Be Creative and Constant

It can prove challenging to attain both, but your cover photo must be creative and fascinating, yet preserve consistency with your brand's appearance and feel, and other efforts on Facebook. While you want page visitors to be interested and inspired, you also desire everything that they see to reflect your brand.

In this Facebook cover picture, Adidas creatively integrates their signature 3 stripes into a promotion for a new line of cleats. Not only does this cover image stick out and highlight the Adidas item, it likewise shows the brand name and compliments the profile photo that it is matched with.

The guideline of being imaginative, but maintaining consistency should not just be applied to your Facebook cover photo, but to all of your page's posts.

Every publication on your page, whether an image post or a text post, need to be imaginative and of interest to your audience, but more importantly, should follow the rest of your posts and with your brand name's voice-- and for visual posts, your brand's look.

Develop a Cover Image & Profile Image Combo

A number of major brands on Facebook are now creating profile images that incorporate the design of their cover image, not with a similar style, however with the continuation of the real image. This method offers a large scale, super cool, tidy effect.

Here is an example of a cover photo and profile image combo style done by Wilderness Steakhouse. Outback gets perk points for this cover image due to the fact that it pays tribute to the US armed force in honor of November being Military Family Appreciation month, as well as consists of among their yummiest menu products, the bloomin' onion!

In another cover photo and profile image combination, Levi's created an incredible style that utilizes grayscale to make their red logo design pop and promotes their hashtag #MakeOurMark. Promoting your page's main hashtag is another terrific way to use your cover image!

Another smooth cover picture and profile image mix, including awesome photography, is the one listed below by Louis Vuitton. This cover image is captivating, motivating, and unlike any other that you will discover on Facebook.

Promote Products and Events

Your page's Facebook cover picture is a great tool for promoting your items. Whether you are having a sale or revealing the launch of a brand name new product, highlighting it in your cover photo will definitely draw attention and buzz.

Item promotion through your Facebook cover image can be done through using a beautiful, high quality close up of your product, as shown in the Rolex design above, or done more inconspicuously as is done by Macy's in the style listed below. In their cover picture, Macy's flaunt their gorgeous fall fashion discreetly on cheerful models, without concentrating on any single item.

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