Create Facebook Fan Page

Create Facebook Fan Page, Facebook pages are quite popular when it comes to advertising, marketing, or for propagating general news. The pages are utilized for promotion of businesses, neighborhoods, interests as well as celebs as well.

Create Facebook Fan Page

If you want to create a new Facebook page, you need to follow the guideline to do so:

1. On your web browser, open

2. On the Facebook's welcome screen that opens, log in using your information.

3. On the Homepage of your profile, click the settings button (the little equipment symbol) present at the leading right corner of the alerts tab.

4. From the drop-down list that appears, select Create Page.

5. On the Develop a Page webpage that opens, click an image with caption to choose the suitable category of the page that you are producing. (Cause or Neighborhood in this presentation.).

6. On the interface that opens up, input the page's name.

7. Examine the I agree to the Facebook Pages Terms checkbox.

8. As soon as done, click Get going to continue.

9. On the next page that appears, offer the description and other relative information in their respective fields.

10. When done, click Save info to proceed.

11. On the more setup pages that appear, input relative data and information or you may likewise click the Avoid button to come back later on for the details.

Your Facebook page is now developed. To access your Facebook page, click the settings button in the notifications tab, and from the drop-down list that appears, click the page name to access your new page.

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