How Do I Appear Offline On Facebook

In this tutorial, we will teach you How Do I Appear Offline On Facebook Just follow these actions:

If you wish to keep your privacy and don't want to appear online or available at all times, then you can appear offline on your Facebook Messenger app.

How Do I Appear Offline On Facebook

1. Login to your Facebook Messenger account using your Facebook email ID and password.

2. At the left side of the bottom of the page, you will see the "People" tab. Tap on it.

3. From this tab, tap on the "Active" section.

4. Move the switch of your Messenger account name to the OFF position.

You'll still receive all your messages if chat is off, but you can turn it on to see who's active on Facebook.
And that's it! You will now be able to appear offline on your Facebook Messenger app.

How To Appear Offline To Selected Individuals On Facebook.

Go Offline Totally.

I am pretty sure that this isn't really an alternative you would be trying to find. However just for the records, you can go offline on Facebook chat and utilize the Message function to talk with the individual. Because no one would familiarize that you are online, you function is solved.

Appear Offline To Person Users.

If the variety of people to whom you want to appear is rather little, then this might be a more suitable choice. All you have to do is open the chat box of the person to whom you want to appear offline and click on the Settings button (gear like button) and click on Go Offline To and that is it. That particular user will always discover you offline now.

Appear Offline To A Group Of Individuals.

Apparently, above is not the right alternative if you wish to appear offline to a group of individuals on Facebook chat. Click the Advanced Settings button and a window will appear. This window will assist you select users to whom you will be revealed as Offline on their Facebook Chat. Click on the first choice, and type all the names (users), whom you wish to avoid on chat.

That is it! These are the 3 methods to appear offline to chosen people on Facebook. Comment and let us understand your idea on this.

If that's all we can tell about How Do I Appear Offline On Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.