Facebook Quizes

Facebook Quizes, You can share your test on Facebook in 2 ways:

Share the connect to your test on Facebook - You can post the link on your Facebook page. Your good friends can then click the link to take the quiz on ProProfs or on your site (if the quiz is embedded on your website).

Embed the test on your Facebook page - This option needs a bit more work however will allow you to embed the entire quiz on Facebook. Have a look at this example of a quiz embedded on Facebook: CompTIA A+ Brief Test

Facebook Quizes

To embed your quiz on your Facebook page, you need to very first include the app "Fixed HTML: iFrame tabs" and after that use the embed code of your quiz. Let's take a look at the steps in more information.

Action 1. Browse for "Static iFrame tabs" in your Facebook page and click on the app as displayed in the image below.

Action 2. Click on "Go to App".

Action 3. Now click on "Add Static HTML to a Page".

Action 4. Select the Facebook page where you desire to include the iFrame app and click on on "Include Page Tab".

Action 5. Now, go to the Facebook page where you have actually added the app.

Action 6. On the control panel, you will see the logo design of the app. Click on the logo.

Action 7. Now, click on "Edit tab".

Action 8. Paste the embed code of the quiz in the box and click Save & Publish (Suggestion * Ensure that you have actually altered the http to https in the embed code). Read this assistance post to find out the best ways to get the embed code of your quiz.

Action 9. Your quiz is now ingrained and by clicking on "View tab as a visitor" you can see how the test will finally search your page.

The image listed below demonstrate how the ingrained quiz will appear to learners on your Facebook page.

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