How to Make A Private Facebook Page

How To Make A Private Facebook Page, Facebook is a marvellous tool for keeping in touch with old buddies, household and anyone else you care to speak to. However that digital freedom can come at a cost: your privacy. Fortunately there are ways to make sure only the people you desire to see your Facebook profile can-- unless of course someone understands your password.

How To Make A Private Facebook Page

The procedure of making your Facebook personal is actually fairly painless once you familiarise yourself with the significantly puffed up user-interface. So where do you begin?

1. Log into your Facebook fanpage account. To make brand-new status updates personal, click the "Public" fall menu located on the status update window. Select "Friends" if you just desire buddies to see your new status. If you do not want anybody to see your brand-new status update, select "Custom-made" and "Only Me."

2. Click the "Account" tab situated in the upper right-hand man corner of the page. Select "Privacy Settings."

3. Click the "Buddies" radio button underneath "Control Your Default Privacy." By doing so, only your friends can see the posts you make with a phone application. If you do not desire buddies to see your phone application posts, click "Custom-made." Select "Only Me."

4. Find the area labeled "Limit The Audience For Past Posts." Click "Handle Past Post Exposure." Click "Limitation Old Posts." Click "Confirm" to verify your intentions to make all of your previous posts private.

5. Locate the "How You Link" area. Click "Edit Settings." Change all the choices to "Pals" only. Select "Only Me" if you do not desire buddies to publish on your wall. Select "Just Me" if you do not want good friends to see what others post on your fanpage.

6. Look in the "How Tags Work" area, if you do not desire anyone to see posts or images you are tagged in. Click "Edit Settings." Select "Buddies" from the "Profile Presence" drop down menu, if you just want pals to see your tags. If you do not want anyone to see your tags, choose "Custom-made" from the drop down menu. Select "Only Me."

7. Find the "Apps and Websites" section. Click "Edit Settings." Here you can make your app usage personal, block friends from importing your details into apps and avoid your fanpage from appearing in search engines.

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