How to Share A Youtube Video On Facebook

Everyone wants to share YouTube videos on Facebook however they cannot play that video on Facebook. Because when we share the YouTube video it ends up being a link and when somebody clicks it. It reroutes them to YouTube video page, How To Share A Youtube Video On Facebook.

Individuals likewise tried some techniques where they just show the large thumbnail of YouTube video on Facebook, and when somebody clicks on that thumbnail it likewise reroutes to YouTube. It is not the actual option of the issue.

How To Share A Youtube Video On Facebook

So if you need a correct option, in which you can really play YouTube video on
Facebook You will not be redirected to YouTube to watch the video. Then I will reveal you the genuine trick which is still hidden from many Facebook and YouTube users. So let's not lose time directly jump on to this amazing technique.

Play YouTube Video on Facebook.

  • First just open YouTube and open the video you desire to share.

  • Now copy the YouTube video link from internet browser address bar.

  • Then go to and paste the YouTube video link and hit enter.

  • Now you will see the professional toolbox button click it. It will ask you to sign up due to the fact that pro tool kit is just offered to register user.

  • After that click on create link though you can modify the text if you wish to.

  • Then it will create the link for you, now copy that link.

  • Open your Facebook page or profile where you want to publish YouTube video. Now paste the link you have actually copied wait on 2 seconds.

  • When your video appears just eliminate the link if you want and write any text in the text box and click the post button.

  • That's it now you can tap on the play icon to play the YouTube video. It will begin playing the video and you can see all the YouTube feature like you see on YouTube website itself.

Note: If you don't see large thumbnail when you paste the link on Facebook you can reload the Facebook page again then paste the link it will work.

If you wish to understand the tutorial in Hindi then you can watch our Hindi video. if you deal with any type of problem while performing these steps just comment listed below we will give you the solution.

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