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Facebook is a fantastic method of staying connected with good friends and household all over the world, but can also be used to keep tabs on those you do not know rather also, "Viewed My Facebook Profile". If you are curious about who has been looking at your profile, or worried that whenever you view the profiles of others they will get a record of your go to, know that Facebook does not enable its users access to this details.


Viewed My Facebook Profile


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Inning accordance with Facebook, the website does not enable users to learn who has been seeing their pages, browsing their posts or browsing their picture collections. The lack of this performance suggests that users have the ability to view Facebook profiles as typically as they like without stressing that their actions may be misinterpreted.

Can You Truly Discover Who Views Your Facebook profile?
Reading negative evaluations about those third-party websites and apps to discover how to understand who visited my Facebook profile just recently, do not think that not even a working method is readily available. Yes, you can actually learn who has viewed my Facebook profile using genuine, working and trusted apps and websites.

Discover Who Seen Your Facebook Profile

Technique 1. Using Google Chrome Extension

The easiest way to discover who has actually seen Facebook profile is by using a Google Chrome extension called Social Profile view notice. The very best feature of this extension is that it is offered for free on Chrome Apps shop, and it lets you see your profile visitors on social media. To get started with it, follow the steps pointed out below.

  • First of see Social Profile View Alert extension page.

  • Now click Contribute to Chrome to include this extension to your web browser.

  • Await download to obtain finished, and when the extension is contributed to your web browser, you will get an alert concerning its setup. Simply click on Include Extension.

  • Now go to and login with the account which you would like to know who viewed my Facebook profile just recently.

  • When you are on Facebook, just take a look at the timeline bar. You will see that there is another alternative named "Visitors" have actually been added.

  • So whenever you need to know "Who viewed my Facebook profile" just click on that Visitors button and you will be shown with a list of your Facebook profile visitors.

Technique 2. Discover By Hand Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile.

If you are not satisfied with the above approach to discover out who visited your Facebook Profile, then you can use manual approach and it works pretty precise and better than Chrome extension. Just follow listed below pointed out steps and prior to beginning, just make certain you are logged into Facebook with your account.

  • First of all visit your Facebook profile timeline page--

  • Wait for the page to load entirely, and after that right click anywhere on the page and choose "View page Source".

  • A brand-new tab will automatically open with some source codes associated to your profile page in it.

  • This will know about your profile. Hold CTRL + F to open search box, then copy paste this into it (without quotes)-- "InitialChatFriendsList".

  • Just after this word on the page, you will start to see profile ID of the people who visited your Facebook profile.

  • These are profile IDs and not the name or URL of the individual. So to find out the person behind that ID.

  • Simply go to "" and paste the ID number from that page along with a "". For example, if the ID is 1234, you need to put it as-

  • The first ID reveals the one who visits profile more often while the last ID never visits your profile!

Technique 3. Who Seen My Profile App Download For Android.

This is an Android app that uses your Facebook account to get a list of people who visited your Facebook profile just recently. If you are looking for something to discover out who visited your Facebook profile app, then it is for you. Do note that Who Seen My Profile app will show you your profile visitors, however only from your Facebook pal list.

You can also use this app to discover who is your profile admires. The app is offered free of charge over Google Play Shop and can be utilized to learn profile visitors/profile stalkers/profile spy. The app is very simple to use, and to get started with it you will need to login with your Facebook account in it. To make it more interesting, developers have actually added a new feature called "Who has Crush on you" in this app.

Download Who Seen My Facebook Profile App.

Technique 4. Discover Who Has Viewed My Facebook Profile Using Social Fans iOS App.

If you are an iOS user and searching for who saw Facebook profile iOS solution, then here is something for you. There is an app called Social Fans readily available over iTunes Shop which you can use to learn about your Facebook profile visitors. This is one of the very best app to get profile analysis of Facebook and other social networks. This app will also let you understand about who recently viewed your profile on Facebook.

Another good thing about this app is that it updates the list every hour, so you can always get fresh list of your Facebook profile visitors. Though this app is not free, and you will have to pay around $6.99 for 7 days subscription and about $27.99 for 1 month subscription.

Download Social Fans.


Who has actually viewed my Facebook profile just recently can be discovered using above discussed methods. If you are the one who was curious to understand about your Facebook profile visitors, then you can use it to discover them. It readies to see who checked out Facebook profile as you might found some mutual pals among them and you may find some new good friends also.

Be careful about those fake and risky websites claim to learn who viewed my Facebook profile, and usage above discussed techniques. Though they are working discover, but still if you understand about any other approach to discover who viewed my Facebook profile recently, then do let us learn about them too. Such articles Viewed My Facebook Profile thanks for visiting can hopefully help you out.