Who's Stalking You On Facebook

Well a lot of times we are curious that who see my profile, whether she is new one - wow!, well there is a method we see this however their is a concern with this we can just see the person who are in our friend list, "Who's Stalking You On Facebook".


Who's Stalking You On Facebook

Action 1: first Open your Facebook Profile as i open my one

Action 2: Open your plan by clicking your name and Right click your time, there is a context menu like this

Action 3: Click the View page source.

Action 4: Now press CTRL+F to open the find Button and in the search alternative type IntialChatFriendsList and after that press enter, orange color is the expression we need.

Action 5: No we see that there are numerous number like "100001660062516-2", these are our pals ID code as created by the Facebook, we need to select just first part like "100001660062516" without -2 like i did then press CTRL+C to copy it.

Action 6: Now open someone ID it may be your, then choose data after other than https://www.facebook.com/.

Action 7: In location of chosen data paste the information you copy formerly, the number.

Action 8: Now press Get in from the Keyboard. You see the result.

If that's all we can tell about Who's Stalking You On Facebook I hope this article was helpful thank you.