Change Facebook Back to English

Change Facebook Back To English - I know every Facebook' ers around the globe are quite amazed on how the brand-new Facebook looks-- Facebook made a significant revamp on their UI (User-Interface). And for some non-technical users were kinda at lost on how to browse the brand-new face of Facebook. While some may liked the new look, there are still users who desired the old face since they are already utilized to it.

Change Facebook Back To English

Don't you stress there's still hope on how you can revive the old user interface and here's how you can do it-- it's really easy!

This is how your Facebook appears like:

Now to REVERT back to the old Facebook Interface, simply the Language to English (UK) and wait then VIOLA! that's it.



It's possible that Facebook haven't completely filled the change on all languages or exactly what we call localisation or store. At first, they only made the modifications on English (US).

However, you require to familiarize yourself with the new user interface given that sooner or later on, the modification will be used to all languages.

Thus the article Change Facebook Back To English from us, hopefully useful thank you.