Add Facebook by Email

Add Facebook By Email - When registering for a Facebook account on a smart phone, you are asked to enter your cellphone number. Registering with a telephone number boosts the risk that your personal details will certainly be exposed. Without correctly configuring your account's safety and security setups, customers will certainly be able to see your individual telephone number on your account and also locate your Facebook account by entering your contact number into Facebook's search function. Safeguard on your own against this personal privacy risk by signing up for Facebook with an email address, instead of your personal phone number.

Add Facebook By Email

Register on a Mobile Device

1. Search to "" and click "Create New Account"

2. Enter your first and last name, birthday, gender as well as password in the suitable fields. Enter your email address rather than your contact number in the field identified "Email or Phone"

3. Click "Sign Up" to Create the account.

4. Check the e-mail account that you went into and also click the confirmation link to complete the account's development.

Sign Up on a Desktop Computer or Notebook Computer

1. Surf to the Facebook site (see Resources).

2. Enter your first and last name, email address, password, birthday and sex.

3. Click "Sign Up" to Create the account.

4. Check the email account that you got in and click on the confirmation connect to complete the account's development.

How you can login Facebook

1) Go to on, as well as put your e-mail address or password right into text area which is linked to login process

2) Press login switch, if your username or password is correct then you can see you Facebook profile front of your eyes.

Currently If your brand news facebook account has been effectively login then you must know about some facebook account setups or best facebook functions which you could utilize in account.

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