How to Do An Advanced Search On Facebook

How To Do An Advanced Search On Facebook: Facebook provides you the opportunity to remain in contact as well as up to date with friends, relative as well as associates you could not see regularly. The social media sites energy is also an effective tool for situating good friends and also various other personal associates with which you've lost touch. If you cannot find somebody merely by searching for him by name, take advantage of Facebook's "Advanced Search" tools to utilize even more specific parameters to situate him.

How To Do An Advanced Search On Facebook

Action 1: Type the name of the individual, web page or group for which you're looking in Facebook's top Search field. Click the Magnifying Glass icon to be taken to your results.

Action 2: Move your mouse over the menu to the left side of your search engine result. Click the category - "People" "Pages" or "Apps" for example - that finest represents the product for which you're searching.

Step 3: Filter your results for "People" by their geographical location, school or company. Drop-down the menu on top of your search results page and also select either "Location" "Education" or "Work" Type in the name of a city or area, school or university or company. Click "Filter" to see only people who correspond to the parameter you establish.