Top 10 Things to Post On Instagram

Not all content needs to be shared almost everywhere. And also not all content is suitable for every single social media sites systems - Top 10 Things To Post On Instagram.

It's good to post totally different points on different platforms. In fact, it may also help you to increase your interaction.

For instance, if you have a look at our Twitter and also Instagram accounts, you'll observe that we post completely different things on each platform.

But exactly how do you determine exactly what to post on each social media sites platform?

To assist you with your social media sites advertising and marketing strategy, we would certainly like to share some suggestions and also instances that have benefited us and others.

By the end of this post, we hope you'll know exactly just what to share on each of your social media sites profiles.

Top 10 Things To Post On Instagram

High-res photos

Instagram has actually ended up being a place where individuals post just the best pictures (and also videos) on their profile.

After interviewing and evaluating 11,000 13 to 24-year-olds around the globe, Facebook suggests marketing experts to "blend in to stand out":

"Instagrammers value visual quality in aesthetic material and will frequently make the effort to change the banal into a thing of appeal. Brand names seeking to involve teenagers and young people will certainly intend to offer an organic experience by going for top quality, too. Photos as well as video clip will preferably be attractive, thoughtfully composed and artfully presented."

Below are a few kinds of premium images you could post to Instagram:

Product images: If you sell physical products such as style or food, you could post high-resolution images of your Product in different setups.

Behind-the-scenes: An additional prominent kind of Instagram images from brands are behind-the-scenes pictures. These could be images of individuals in the company, events, or the making of a product (e.g. exactly how a meal is prepared).

User-generated content: If you cannot obtain ideal Product images or adequate behind the curtain images like us (a remote business that produces software), you can post user-generated material. User-generated content grew our Instagram account by over 500 percent in a year.


While curating remarkable user-generated content for your Instagram account, make certain to request authorization from the initial poster prior to re-posting it.


Motivational and inspiring quotes are one of the most popular content types on Instagram (with greater than 42 million posts marked with #quotes at the time of creating).

If you are not able to obtain such photos with quotes, you can also produce graphics with quotes making use of free design tools like Canva and Adobe Glow.


Below are 3 pointers from Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today for getting one of the most out of your quote posts:

-- Seek out the best quotes which sustain your brand goal
-- Use your personal photos where feasible
-- Do not overdo


While it's important to have a regular motif for your Instagram account, you can be a little flexible with your Instagram Stories. That's since they would certainly disappear in 24 hours.

There are many different methods of using Instagram Stories for your advertising. Right here are a couple of instances:

- Narration.
- Share how-to tutorials.
- Promote an article.
- Share a list.
- Reveal restricted time offers and promotions.
- Offer giveaways and discount rate promo codes.
- Share data, research, and also data.
- Share quotes and motivation.
- Present an Instagram takeover guest.
- Share announcements, news, as well as updates.

While sharing your Instagram Stories, keep in mind to keep them in accordance with your Instagram advertising method.

SUGGESTION: A quick method to produce great-looking Instagram Stories is to begin with a template. Right here are 10 cost-free personalized Instagram Stories layouts you could utilize.