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Since most of us understand just how much Facebook likes to modify as well as upgrade its platform, it's feasible that you want to change some settings on your Facebook Web page however those settings are not where you remember them being! In addition to that, there are a lot of times when you attempt to make the modifications and also get a mistake or the buttons are greyed out. This article additionally lays out the problems you might run into and prospective solutions.

I have actually been asked numerous times very lately concerning altering web page names, to ensure that suggests it's time for a post!

Change Name Facebook Page

You may have picked a name without understanding how this was mosting likely to appear. If your Web page is new or if you have less than 200 Sorts, you can conveniently edit your Page name by accessing your Basic Information in your Page Control panel.
Changing Facebook Page Name

After that you go to your Basic Information and you can easily Edit your name.
Changing Facebook Page Name

But if you are re-branding or you simply intend to modify your Page name and also you have more than 200 Likes you might have the possibility to make a change 1 time. I say "may" because this alternative in some cases doesn't show up even if you haven't transformed your Web page name at some time in the past.

You may see a Demand Adjustment link beside your Name as revealed here.
Changing Facebook Page Name

If you do not see that Request Adjustment web link, you are going to need to go to Facebook Help. Facebook Aid is occasionally very challenging to get any type of feedback from. It will certainly be easier to obtain your name changed if you have a re-brand with an image of your internet site or logo to reveal your rebranding info.

I suggest sending your request in 2 locations. The first one is the Assistance kind for Pages here:
Changing Facebook Page Name

I find having a screenshot helps to show your brand-new branding to ensure that Facebook can see that you have actually made an adjustment.

The 2nd location I advise submitting a request is to Facebook Advertisements Aid. With any luck you are utilizing Facebook Advertisements every now and then to build your Page and you possibly do not want to market your Page if the branding isn't coinciding with your site.

The Ads location seems to be a bit more responsive to adjustments when you tell them that you can't invest anymore cash with them until your Facebook Page name is changed (just do this if you are intending on running a marketing campaign). Send your demand below: (The type listed below looks a bit various because it's older however coincides suggestion).
Changing Facebook Page Name

We did this when we changed our Web page and also it took around a week to get it done. Yet you might require to send your request a number of times if you do not hear back after a week or so. Hope those recommendations aid! (Please note, I can not help with Web page Call Changes-- you have to go through Facebook to get your Web page name altered).

Altering Your Web Page LINK or Website Address.

The other thing you can alter (yet it sometimes is tough) is your Facebook Web Page LINK. Your LINK is the simple and also short internet address (like

If you haven't establish your Username yet, go do that today-- it makes it much easier to tell people concerning your Web page. Yet BE CAREFUL-- this is more difficult to get changed. As soon as you establish it, the URL is taken as well as can not be "released" even if you delete the Web page.

It can not have any kind of spaces between the letter and I don't suggest placing points like durations or emphasizes in between words. Then when you establish it, exploit the initial letter of each word. Even if someone key ins the URL without the capital letters it will certainly still most likely to the appropriate place.
Changing Facebook Page Name

If you have actually already set your LINK as well as require to rebrand, you can often ask for an one-time modification as revealed before.
Changing Facebook Page Name

If you don't have this ability, you will certainly need to go through the exact same process as rundown over with Facebook Help. I believe the LINK is as huge a bargain as seeing to it your you branding is consistent in your Facebook Page name. Yet if your name has actually altered substantially, after that you need to obtain that fixed.

Have you had to alter your Web page name in the past? Just how has it gone with you? Let me understand in the remarks (remember I can not help with actual Facebook Changes, you will certainly need to head to Facebook directly for that.